ASC SCHÜBEL Electronic® GmbH

NATO-Manufacturer Code C3944

ASC SCHÜBEL Electronic® is a specialist in the international market for military, governmental and standard accessories for telecommunication since 1974.


Since 2014 we represent our partner Command Components Corporation in Europe.

More information regarding the technical descriptions of connectors in accordance with MIL-C-55116, MIL-C-10544, power connectors in accordance with MIL-C-55181 and U-Series Connectors in accordance with MIL-C-55243(EL) can be found on the website of COMMAND COMPONENTS.

MIL-C-55116,   MIL-C-55181,   MIL-C-10544,   MIL-C-55243(EL),   SM-C-447075,
SM-C-447074,    U-344/VRC
U-229/U,  U-329/U,  U-183/U,  U-283/U,  U-228/U,   U-328/U,   CCI-529,   CCI-683S,
CCI-683S-5,   CCI-075,  CCI-3490,   CCI-3491,   CCI-3492,   U-290/U,   U-393/U,
U-289/U,  U-77/U,   U-78/U,   U-79/U,   U-127/U,   U-161/U
MW10MMD-17,  MW10FMA-17,  MW10MMA-17,  MW10MMB-11,  MW20FMA-00,
MW20MMA-00, MW20FMB-00, MW20FMD-00
A3206004   A3206056   A3259463-1