ASC SCHÜBEL Electronic® Connectors

Our breakaway connectors are self-releasing and can be released by a directed pull or push of the connection cable. Releasing the link along the connection is only possible by application of high traction forces.

Sucessfully used by the military and the police.

Usage for example for a harmless release of the link between the helmet connector and motorcycle or headset and radio set.

Breakaway Connectors


8-pole version


6-pole version

safe disconnect for example of helmet and motorcycle or helmet and radio set


Power- & Audioconnectors

5-pole and 6-pole conductors according to MIL-C-55116

for example

  • U-183/U
  • U-228/U
  • U-229/U
  • U-283/U
  • U-328/U
  • U-329/U

10-pole conductor according to MIL-C-10544

for example

  • U-77/U
  • U-127/U
  • U-79/U

Plugs & Jacks for Microphones & Telephones

2-pole microphone plugs and jacks for military usage, i.e.:

  • U-172/U
  • U-173/U

4-pole audio plugs and jacks for military usage, i.e.:

  • U-174/U und U-93/U
  • U-92/U und U-193/U
  • und U-94A/U

5-pole, i.e.:

  • U-384/U und U-385/U