ASC SCHÜBEL Electronic® Handsets

We are manufacturing handsets for military and civil usage.

ASC SCHÜBEL Electronic® is able to adress the needs of the customer directly and tailor the products specifically for an exact end-user application.  We are flexible in development or production.

Handsets for indoor and outdoor application, lightweight or heavy-duty.

Sample photo: Handset Series H-1033

Handset with centre button

  • dynamic microphone and earphone in the basic version
  • amplifier or carbon microphone - depending on the application
  • coiled or straight cable in various lengths
  • customizable connector

Sample photo: Handset Series H-33-F/PT

Handset with button on the side

  • carbon microphone
  • depending on the application with amplifier microphone or dynamic earphone
  • dynamic earphone with impendance of 300 or 600 ohms
  • connector cable available in various versions
  • customizable connector

Handset BOS Commander

Handset with integrated P.T.T. switch GA 2120

  • robust
  • dynamic microphone and earpiece
  • various cables available

Dynamic testing equipment CMW

Integrated handset

  • robust
  • optional with D-Sub 9-pole or 50-pole

Handset Type H-33

Handset/  customizable connector

  • P.T.T. button with on-off momentum
  • either fixated or pluggable connection cable
  • dynamic earpiece
  • dynamic or electret microphone

Sample photo: Mounting for Handsets

Mounting for handsets

  • in a robust metal casing for rough terrains
  • solid hold by tilting mechanics

Retaining Clip

  • rubber clip, material is ozone- and weather-resistant
  • the grounding available with different profiles attached